Black Magic Love Spells

Choosing to use black magic is a serious choice.  Not only are you going to be changing the way that people act, but you are also going to be changing the way that universe is working.  You are using a lot of your own personal energy to affect others and to help create a better world for yourself.  While your intentions may not be evil, they can hurt the lives of others.  Before doing any black magic love spells, you need to think about what you are doing and every possible ramification that it may have on those around you.

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Black Magic isn’t Evil

The idea of black magic is one which has been mainly created by the media and by those who do not believe in magic.  They have equated different with evil which has caused this magic to become something that is feared, rather than appreciated.  What people need to realize is that magic is not truly ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  The person who is casting the spell is the one who can determine whether their magic is good or bad, not the magic itself.  Energy doesn’t really have a value of good or of bad.  It is simply is what you make of it.  When you create a spell, you are creating something which will move the energy in the world.  Whether you are choosing to make things bad or good, it’s not the magic’s fault.  You are the only one responsible for your magickal actions.

Love Spells to return lost lovers and to make anyone fall deeply in love with you

While it’s true that black magic love spells can also be used to pull someone into your life and make them love you, as with any spell, a person needs to be careful. You can use a spell to return a lost lover or to make someone fall deeply in love with you. When that person is not being allowed to use their own free will, this can come back to hurt you in the end.  Realize that removing harm is a good thing, but perhaps you may want to think twice when it comes to hurting someone directly. Only use black magic love spells if all other avenues have failed.

Choosing to Change Those Around You

With black magic love spells, the main intention is to create change in the current relationship.  Whether the person is single or committed, the love spell will help to activate change, removing the things which might be hurting the relationship.  Perhaps there has been a pattern of lying or of deceit which has been happening recently.  When this is the case, the person will then be able to stop this pattern, bringing more honesty into the relationship.  This sort of black magic is in support of creating good as a result.  When this sort of black magic is done, this has a positive ending, which is just what magic should offer to its users.

Removing the Obstacles in Your Love Life

Another way black magic love spells can be used is to remove obstacles which might be standing in the way of your love life.  For example, if others are trying to flirt with a person you want to date, then you might want to remove them from your life and from the life of the person who is being wooed.  With black magic love spells, you can make that offending person leave your life, though they will not be harmed in the process.  In addition, the person might simply not be interested in your prospective lover, helping you to have a greater change of being with this person.  A family member who is meddling is another example of someone who might need to be removed from the love situation in order for it to work out.  And these love spells can help in those situations as well.