Black Magic Spells

Realizing that black magic is not all bad can help you to use it in the most positive way possible. Black magic will allow you to step in when things are not right and it can help you to make sure that you are doing all that you can to protect those you love. You might also use it to protect your love relationship or your home from bad people. There are many ways in which black magic can be used to help your life, rather than to simply hurt someone else’s life. You might also use this magic to hex or to curse someone else – or remove the hex or curse from yourself. After all, when black magic is done to you, you may need to return the favor Black Magic Spells »

Black Magic Love Spells

With black magic love spells, the main intention is to create change in the current relationship. Whether the person is single or committed, the love spell will help to activate change, removing the things which might be hurting the relationship. While it’s true that black magic love spells can also be used to pull someone into your life and make them love you, as with any spell, a person needs to be careful. When that person is not being allowed to use their own free will, this can come back to hurt you in the end. Black Magic Love Spells » | Free Love Spell »

Revenge Spells

Everyone has been in a situation where it seemed that revenge was the best possible way to handle a problem. And while being angry and vengeful can feel good for a while, it can also cause troubles. With black magic revenge spells, you can begin to take control of a situation and make someone else pay for the harm they have caused.  These powerful spells are designed to hurt someone else, which is why they should be used only in times of great need and concern. Revenge Spells » | Free Revenge Spell »


The black magic curses seem to be the ones which get the most attention when someone is talking about darker magic.  These hexes play out in books and in movies as ways in which the bad characters influence the good ones to do as they wish.  But somehow, the good characters always seem to find a way to stop the black magic from hurting them.  In real life, black magic curses do exist and they can cause troubles for those who perform them as well as for those who are the result of them.  To truly understand black magic curses and whether they are right for you, here’s what you need to know. Curses » | Free Curse »

Control Spells

We’ve all had those days when it’s seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong.  Work’s been a nightmare, your home life might be messy, and you can’t find your left sock.  And while you know that things will get better, when someone is really irritating you, you might begin to wonder if there’s something more you can do to help the situation.  With black magic control spells, you might be able to take matters into your own hands.  But you will want to make sure this is truly what you want to do before you start saying one word of those black magic control spells. Control Spells » | Free Control Spell »

The Power of Black Magic Spells

No one can practice or control the powers of black magic without having understood the implications. Black magic has only got its ‘color’ due to evil practices by some unwanted elements in society. For the most part, it is magic and was only distinguished from white magic due to the good intentions of white magic which were then used by some people to perform evil deeds. The belief system for most practitioners remains as magic with the concept of ‘absolute good’, which is what is projected while doing magic. The Power of Black Magick Spells »

History of Black Magic

Darker times have always seemed to create darker energies.  When people aren’t happy with their lives, they can become angry and they can become vengeful.  While this does not always happen, it is easy to see why some people would turn to darker magic in darker times.  They wanted a way out of their current religions or their lives, and so they looked to create dark magic in order to alleviate their feelings and to make their lives better.  But the truth of dark magic is that it’s not always as evil or as clear cut as it seems. History of Black Magic »

Black Magic Explained

There are many people who do not believe that magic comes in any colors, so there can be no white or black or dark magic.  Within magic are opportunities to change the energy of a situation, but it is not the magic which changes the outcomes of the situation – it is the person behind the magic.  Think about money.  Money is not inherently bad or good, but it’s how you use money which causes it to take on a good or a bad energy.  Magic is the same way.  But since it’s become commonplace to group magic into two different energies, black magic is a name which has stuck to some magickal practices. Black Magic Explained »

Black Magic vs. White Magic

For most witches and spell casters today, they are beginning to call magic colorless as all magic is the same at its core.  Since all magic works to change and to reshape energy, only the caster of the spell can be ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  Thus, a person who is trying to create something evil in a spell could do so even if they were performing a white magic spell, and vice versa.  Magic is the harnessing of energy, which is not good and it’s not bad – unless the spell caster wants it to be.  It’s more for those who don’t understand magic who feel the need to categorize the magic into good or bad slots. Black Magic versus White Magic »

Myth and Misconceptions

Black magic is synonymous with powerful spells, incantations, magic wands, and cauldrons. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about this type of magic. Because of these misconceptions, many genuine practitioners are victims of discrimination, violence, and religious bigotry. The ancient propaganda about black magic still does its rounds, often associated with demons, satanism, and evil deeds. In fact, real magic will not include any demonic activities to cast powerful spells. Myths and Misconceptions »

The Practitioners of Black Magic

The casting of powerful spells by a spell caster is an integral part of black magic. These spells can have the strongest effect when cast in the right way. It derives it power from the Moon which is why love spells are more effective when cast on a full moon or during the waxing phase. Africa is said to be the birthplace and home to the most amount of black magic practitioners. Ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Middle Easterners also widely practiced black magic to dominate their rivals. A spell caster was able to manipulate certain forces of nature through this type of magic. Voodoo dolls were well known accessories used in all forms of black magic. Black Magic Spell Casters »